The program

The Program’s mission is to provide piano lessons, using the group piano lab format for children/teens, ages 5-17 years.



  • Each 45-minute class will accommodate eight (8) students.

  • Lessons will be taught by college-level music education majors from area universities and retired music educators. 

Age-based classes:

5-6 years

7-9 years

10-12 years

13-17 years

*Assessment of educational needs will determine level of instruction.


The Mayron Cole Piano Method teaches beginners to correctly count rhythm, the keys on the piano, and the fundamentals of staff-note reading with engaging music and corresponding theory fun sheets. Students then progress through a graduated course of staff-note reading and advanced theory which ultimately creates musical independence.

The Program will provide Pre-Level 1 lessons for kindergarten, ages 5-6 years, Level 1 lessons, ages 7-9 years; and Level 1 for the older beginner, ages 10-17 years.

The suggested time-frame to learn the fundamentals of beginning lessons is six (6) months to one (1) year.

The Pre-Piano level targets rhythm development in the young child. Students learn to count while discovering keyboard geography. Staff reading is reserved for Level 1. The Pre-Piano Level develops all fingers, and encourages the student to play at various locations on the keyboard.

Note: Based upon the progress of students in Level 1 instruction, Level 2 instruction will be added to the curriculum.

ID 134579597 © Igor Mojzes |

ID 134579597 © Igor Mojzes |