Our Vision

We envision a musical community of children.

Rev. E N Bates

The E N Bates Music Enrichment Program is a memorial to the late, Reverend E. N. Bates, father of the program director, Celeste Bates Scaife. Rev. Bates recognized the musical talent of Celeste at an early age. She began piano lessons at the age of five years.

Celeste played for the Sunday School department at the age of seven. At the age of 11, she began to accompany the church’s senior choir. Celeste attended Tennessee State University & the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga majoring in music education with an emphasis in piano performance. She has been involved in music ministry for 50+ years..

The E N Bates Music Enrichment Program stems from the vision of music possibility that a father had for his daughter. The Program will extend the essence of that vision by providing piano lessons, using the group lab format for children/teens, ages 5-17 years regardless of payment capability.

The E N Bates Music Enrichment Program will invest musically in our children by:

  • Showcasing their training in piano recitals

  • Providing community music-related events to raise awareness for music education

  • Engaging in systematic fundraising activities for a long-term, high-quality music program

  • Collaborating with other non-profit organizations that share the vision of cultural development in our communities.

The initiatives listed are examples of the climate that we want to create - where students can be serious about studying music, while engaging their communities in the arts.